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Group Therapy

Group therapy commonly is part of a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes individual therapy.  A group of people who have the same experiences helps others going through a similar process and can instill hope and offer support.  Members help each other by sharing information and experiences, and learning from each other.  There is a sense of belonging and acceptance in a group therapy setting that can help relieve pain, guilt or stress.  Members also may realize from the sharing that they are responsible for their own lives, actions, and choices.

Groups can be as small as 3-4 persons but often involve 7-12 individuals.  Meetings are usually once a week, with the number of sessions around six.  Sessions may be open or closed.  In open sessions, new participants are welcome to attend at any time. In a closed group, only a core group of members are invited.

In group therapy, I strive to offer a safe haven for members to practice behaviors and skills within the security of the group.  I can provide valuable feedback to each client through observation of group interactions and individual responses to other people and social situations.  It is an effective, supportive and affordable treatment in certain situations.

Group Therapy